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It’s important to seek information and discuss what you learn with your partner. 

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You can get off the bench and into the game

Brian Salmon, Founder

How did a 3rd-time father transform into his wife’s dream birth partner?

Married couple Tim Tuttle and Erica Rico co-host a popular, award-winning morning show on Q93 in Houston and were expecting their first child together (their blended family was already 7 kids strong).

Having been through the birthing process 7 times already, they desired something different when they asked me to work with them.

That’s when I introduced them to my Rocking Dads and Facilitating Fearless Birth class.

If your relationship could be stronger, your passion for each other greater, and you became an essential partner, wouldn’t you want to learn how?

The Rocking Dads program teaches you the excitement of being the best partner.

Once you’ve been through the birth process, you’re a pro, right?

Well, that’s not true.

Even though this was Tim’s 3rd birth, I saw in him what I typically see in first-time fathers: anxiety, fear of the unknown and yet he still had the desire to learn and grow.

Erica was also skeptical about the course because of her previous birthing experiences.

But as Tim progressed through the course, I began to see profound changes in his attitude and increasing awareness of the entire birth process; he learned how to:

  1. Keep his relationship on track throughout the pregnancy
  2. Understand all stages of labor and how he could make it easier
  3. Support his partner in all stages, including breastfeeding
  4. Build his self confidence, and watch his partner gain confidence in him

I saw his engagement increase and he truly became the partner Erica wanted and needed.

“I had someone who not only supported me but knew what they were talking about!”


This scenario can be your story

Contrary to what you think, there are tried and true ways to experience these exact same results. You can get off the bench and into the game.

My name is Brian Salmon (aka The BirthGuy). I’m a Doula, Birth Mentor and Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). I’ve studied Bio-chem and pathophysiology as well as Radiology.  

I’ve participated in numerous births and worked with thousands of families, and learned we’re all universally connected and similar because of birth.

Since 2005 I’ve been mentoring expecting fathers, and seeing thousands of positive outcomes led me to create a course just for dads – the Rocking Dads course.

This course delivers amazing exercises and information to transform a normal guy (even a manly man like Tim!) into a Rocking Dad.

I want to help you be an engaged partner like Tim.

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  • Tips on building a family culture for your new family.
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I took the Rocking Dads class and it was the most informative thing I could have done to help prepare me for our baby. Brian’s focus is on so much more than just the process of birth.”


“My husband took the Rocking Dads class and came home sounding like a Rock Star! I’m pretty sure he knows more than I do at this point.


“You learn various things on how to keep your significant other comfortable from early labor through post birth. It certainly will help you build a bond with your partner.”