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Brian Salmon (aka Brian the Birth Guy) is a dad and a doula. As the father of two daughters, Brian the Birth Guy is no stranger to the world of babies and parenting.

He assisted his first birth at 19 years old and knew he had
found his calling. Brian holds a degree in radiology, studied
biology and chemistry with an emphasis in pathophysiology
and owns BabyVision Ultrasound and Show & Tell
Ultrasound, San Antonio’s leaders in 3D and 4D prenatal
imaging ultrasound.

Having worked with over 19,000 expectant families, Brian
has taught hundreds of childbirth classes and currently
teaches the incredibly popular dad’s childbirth class,
“Rocking Dads” and couple’s birth class, “Facilitating
Fearless Birth”.

The “Rocking Dads” brand continues to grow with a self-paced online video birth course, an ongoing podcast and an online support forum. Brian is currently on a TV talent hold with Irwin Entertainment. Brian lives with his daughters and fiancée, Alejandra Rodriguez, in San Antonio.

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