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  • Curtis Foote

Freemie Cup Review

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

When my wife decided to go back to work after our latest child the breastfeeding relationship we had worked so hard to grow became more complicated. Pumping was used not only to help provide milk to our baby while she was at work, but also to keep up her supply. She had to start getting ready much earlier because not only did she have to shower, do her hair and makeup, and get dressed, but now she had to pump and nurse so the baby could have milk while Mom was at work.

I did everything I could to try and support her. I got the pump set up and ready, I took care of all the baby’s needs before and after nursing, but there was still the time she spent sitting there pumping. I wished there was something else I could do to help her more. I could have tried doing her hair and makeup, but let’s face it, that would have ended poorly.

I recently learned about a product called Freemie Collection Cups. It’s a product that can be worn inside of a bra so that a nursing mother can pump hands free. I had to get my hands on some and see what it was all about.

Freemie Collection Cups combine the breast funnel, one way valve, and collection bottle into one easy to use cup. They are able to work with a lot of other electric pump brands, including Medela, Ameda, and more. They’ve even got their own line of breast pumps, the electric Freedom pump and the manual Equality pump. 25mm and 28mm Breast funnel sets come included and a 32mm funnel is also available. Each cup holds up to 8 oz each and includes ample tubing.

When I got them in the mail, I immediately had my wife try them out. I was so excited! While she was in the shower, I got the Freemie cups ready and hooked them up to our pump, so she could use it as soon as she was out. She slipped the Freemie cups into her bra, turned on the pump and started getting ready just like normal. The tubing that came with the cups was long enough that it allowed her to move freely around the bathroom as she did her hair and makeup. She said they were really comfortable and the extra wide lip around the funnel kept the cups from breaking suction as she moved so she didn’t worry about losing suction or spilling on herself. She ended up being done 20 minutes earlier than normal.

I’m so glad I heard about these, because I got to be a hero and help reduce my wife’s workload and give her more time with her family. (Or some extra time to sleep in, whichever.)

Plus, I got to check out some cool new gear.

Curtis is a birth and postpartum doula as well as a childbirth educator and Rocking Dads facilitator. He and his wife serve families in Southwest Washington. He can be found on Instagram at @mrdoula

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